Terms of delivery



• The enrolment is binding.
• Course places are filled in the order of enrolment.
• When you enrol online, please remember to check your contact information.

Course fees and invoicing
You can find the course fee on the course information page.
The fee does not include study materials unless otherwise stated. The course fee is invoiced after the beginning of the course, and the invoice is sent to your street address. The invoice has to be paid by due date. The payment term is 14 days of the date of invoice. All invoices are collectible by a collection agency. You can also pay the invoice at Vantaa-info.

Cancelling your enrolment and cancellation terms
• You can cancel your enrolment free of charge until 7 days before the course starts. The exception is courses for which there is a mention of a different cancellation time.
• If you cancel your enrolment 1-6 days before the course starts, you have to pay 50 % of the course fee and the material fee in full.
• If you cancel your enrolment on the starting day of the course or later, you have to pay the course and the material fee in full.
• Not showing up for the course or refusing to pay the invoice does not count as cancelling your enrolment.
• Cancellation terms also apply to students who enrol on the course from the queue.

You can cancel your enrolment according to the terms mentioned above on Ilmonet or by contacting our customer service. If the course is starting

in less than 7 days, cancel the enrolment by contacting our customer service.

If an autumn term course continues in the spring term the enrolment is for both terms. If you only want to attend the autumn term, contact the customer service.

PLEASE NOTICE: You cannot cancel your enrolment to the teacher of the course.

Discount for unemployed job seekers
Vantaa Adult Education Institute gives unemployed job seekers a 50% discount on course fees that are 21 euros or more (excluding courses marked with *). The discount does not apply to material fees of the course.

You must present a proof of unemployment by the starting day of the course. You can bring the unemployment certificate to our office (Lummetie 5, 01300 Vantaa) or send it by email to aikuisopisto@vantaa.fi.

The only proof of unemployment we accept is the unemployment certificate from TE Services (www.te-palvelut.fi).

The unemployment certificate must be shown at the beginning of both autumn and spring terms. The discount is only valid for one term.

The unemployment discount does not include the following services:
• courses marked with *
• study tours
• National Certificate of Language Proficiency Tests (YKI)
• exams
• course certificates
• Open University Studies

Institute policy
When you enrol on a course you agree to abide by the following policies that aim to create solid grounds for adult education courses and to promote general satisfaction, safety, eagerness to study and good manners:
• You come to classes on time and in accordance with the instructions given by the teacher.
• When the lesson ends you tidy up your own seat and the class room.
• All students have a right to a safe studying environment, and therefore you conduct yourself in a friendly and considerate manner without bullying anyone.
• It is forbidden to disturb the teaching or act in an inappropriate manner.
• Threatening and violent behaviour are forbidden.
• Use of alcohol or other intoxicating substances, and being under the influence of such substances is forbidden. Any instances of narcotics are always reported to the police.
• The students are obliged to immediately report any detected instances of bullying, disturbance or violence to the teacher or other member of the staff.
• Smoking and the use of other tobacco products within the school premises is forbidden.
• The Institute’s property must be handled with care. Any damage to the property must be reported to the teacher or other member of the staff.
• The students are reliable for any damage they intentionally cause.
• The course fees must be paid by due date.

Any breach of these policies may result in withholding the right to participate on courses.

Other information
• If a seat becomes available within 7 days before the start of the course, we will send a text message to everyone on the waiting list, and the person who replies first will get the seat.
• If a lesson is cancelled, we will do our best to inform all the students by text message, email of phone call.
• If a course is cancelled due to below minimum number of enrolments we will inform the students.
• It is possible to enrol in advance for some continuing courses (e.g. languages, arts and dance). Teachers will inform the students about this possibility on the last lessons.
• There are no lessons on week 8, nor on holidays and the eves of holidays.
• The institute does not insure its students.It is recommended that you have your own leasure-time insurance.

All rights reserved.

Vantaa adult education institute has the right to change the course information given on Ilmonet. Occasionally, we may have to cancel a course or a course session or change the place, time or method of teaching. The institute reserves the right to cancel one course session from a course that has at least 11 sessions per term without any compensation. If more sessions are cancelled, refund is given if the refund amount exceeds 15 euros. If there are differences between this and the Finnish text, the Finnish text prevails.