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What are you dreaming about? What would you like to learn? Are you interested in exercise, handicrafts, home economics, languages, IT or music?

At Espoo Adult Education Centre, you can choose the courses suitable for you from a selection of over 2000 courses. At Espoo Arbis and Espoo Adult Education Centre, there are courses for families, youth, adults, and senior citizens available online and as contact learning.

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Published August 17, 2022

Enrolments at Helsinki begins 8 of August
Registration will start on a staggered basis on 8–10 August. A printed study guide will be published at the beginning of August.
The autumn term of Helsingin työväenopisto and Helsingfors arbis will once again bring with it thousands of courses, hundreds of lectures and dozens of events.

There are a large number of classics on offer, but there is also room for new ones. Feel free to explore the courses during the summer. You can mark your favourite courses to make the upcoming registration easier.

Registration starts in August

Registration will start on a staggered basis on 8–10 August at 10:00 in the service, by telephone and at the customer service points of the adult education centres.

All course and lecture information will be available at PDF versions of the guides will are published on the websites of the adult education centres.

A printed study guide for both centres will be published at the beginning of August. Guides will be available at the adult education centres and Helsinki libraries.

8.8, Monday 10:00

Media and Information Technology
Physical Education, Health and Well-Being

9.8, Tuesday 10:00

Home and Gardening
Domestic Science
Literature, Drama and Native Language
People, Society & Culture
Nature, Environment, Technology and Transport
Open University

10.8, Wednesday 10:00

Languages, S2

Enrolment continues the whole autumn term.

Published June 29, 2022