Vantaan aikuisopisto suspends courses from 17 March onwards
The City of Vantaa has decided to suspend all courses and events in Vantaan Aikuisopisto from 17 March onwards in order to prevent the spreading of the Coronavirus.
The Institute will later inform the students how this effects the course payments already made.

You can't cancel your enrolment online for the courses that were supposed to start during the suspension. When the course has been rescheduled, you will be the first to know about it and you can then cancel your enrolment if the time doesn't suit you. If you don't want to know about the rescheduled course, you can cancel your enrolment by sending mail to our Customer Service (
Published March 16, 2020

Courses and events suspended for the time being at Espoo Adult Education Centre and Esbo Arbis
The courses, lectures and events of Espoo Adult Education Centre and Esbo Arbis are suspended for the time being beginning 16 March 2020 to prevent the spreading of the coronavirus. The lessons for immigrant students (literacy training for immigrant students and training for young immigrants) are carried out as distance learning. Customers will be notified separately of the possibilities for distance learning for other courses.
The suspended courses will be carried out later if possible. Otherwise we will notify our customers later of the effect of the cancellations on the course fees already paid.

Justification for the suspension of the courses
  • the courses are mainly not degree based and are more recreational
  • the students include senior citizens and also other persons with a delicate health condition for whom the coronavirus could be critical
  • the courses are carried out not only in our own premises but also in classrooms the owners of which have already restricted their use
  • the Finnish government and the Finnish institute for health and welfare have appealed in their briefings that participation in group activities should not be carried out due to the coronavirus
We will keep you informed on the developments through our social media channels and website.
Published March 16, 2020

Courses at Helsinki Adult Education Centre and Arbis will be suspended for the time being
The courses and events, including lectures, at Helsinki Adult Education Centre and Helsingfors Arbis will be cancelled from tomorrow morning 14 March for the time being.
The City of Helsinki made the decision in the afternoon of 13 March 2020. The aim of the measure is to contribute to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus.

Customers will be notified of any course-specific special arrangements, such as distance learning. The education centres will later inform customers about the effect of the cancellations on the course fees already paid.

We will provide information on any developments on the education centres’ social media channels and websites. In addition to this, the City of Helsinki will provide information on any new changes, policies, instructions and recommendations regarding coronavirus on its website. The news can be followed at

We also recommend following the instructions of the authorities regarding coronavirus:
Published March 13, 2020

How do we create a sustainable future together?
Espoo Adult Education Centre and Esbo Arbetarinstitut would like to enhance the knowledge for sustainable development in the project Ecosocial education as part of activities of adult education centres.

It is the aim of the project to create a common understanding for ecosocial education in the everyday life of adult education centres, how it is seen in the daily work as well as to enhance the knowledge of its personnel concerning sustainable development.

The topic is most current, as 62% of the Finns consider the climate change as a real and extremely serious threat, which needs to be prevented without delay and which needs to be tackled with every means (Finnish Energy 2018). Stopping of the climate change is also one of the Agenda 2030 objectives in the UN programme for sustainable development. Agenda 2030 includes 17 global objectives for sustainable development, which are to be reached latest by 2030. Espoo is one of the forerunners in the Agenda 2030 programme.

Knowledge of the ecosocial education enables the personnel a vast perspective of sustainable development. The personnel may better highlight sustainable development, observe it in their own work and course planning. Our work communities build a sustainable future together.

Published February 10, 2020