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Course enrolment, payment and cancellation terms, discount instructions, other course terms
We reserve the right to make changes.

1. Contact information of the Adult Education Centre
2. Enrolment terms
3. Cancellation terms
4. Changes to or cancellation of a course
5. Credit courses

6. Course fees
7. Terms of payment
8. Paying for a course
9. Paying with employee benefits
10. Unemployment discount
11. Training subsidy for OPH courses
12. Kaikukortti
13. Insurance policies
14. Operating times and holidays
15. Course feedback
16. Ideas for courses

1. Contact information of the Adult Education Centre’s customer service
email: espoon.tyovaenopisto@omnia.fi
tel.: 020 692 444, Mon–Thu at 12:30–15:30
service point: Itätuulenpiha 1
postal address: PL 7571, 02070 ESPOON KAUPUNKI
You can also find the contact information on our website.

2. Enrolment terms
• Enrolments are binding.
• Course places are personal and cannot be transferred to another person.
• Our courses are for students aged 16 years or older.
• Enrolment for courses is via the Ilmonet.fi online service or by telephone.
• If a course is full, you can register for a place in the queue for the course. The persons in the queue are notified by email and text message if a place on the course becomes available. Accepting a place in the queue is a binding enrolment. If the person in the queue does not respond to the notification of an available spot on the course within the validity of the notification, the person will be moved to the last place in the queue.
• Students are responsible for ensuring that the contact information they have provided to us is up to date. Confirmation of course enrolment is sent by email. In addition, notifications concerning the course are sent by email or phone.

3. Cancellation terms
• Participation can be cancelled free of charge if there are 10 or more days before the start of the course.
• If there are 1–9 days before the of the course, we will charge you for 50% of the course fee. However, OPH courses are charged in full.
• If the course is starting in less than 24 hours, we will charge the entire fee.
• In addition to the course fee, you will be charged the course-specific material fee if you cancel the course less than 10 days before the start of the course and the charging of the course material fee is mentioned in the course information.
• Cancelling a cooking course will always lead to you being charged a course-specific material fee if you cancel the course less than 10 days before the start of the course.
• You cannot cancel your enrolment by notifying the teacher.
• Failure to pay the course fee or attend the course does not qualify as cancellation.
• Course fees are not refunded even if the student drops the course.
• If there are more than 10 before the start of the course, you can cancel your participation via the Ilmonet.fi online service or by contacting our customer service.
• If there are less than 10 days before the start of the course, participation must be cancelled by contacting our customer service by phone or email. Mention cancellation in the subject field of the email.

4. Changes to or cancellation of a course
• We reserve the right to change the teaching location, time and teacher. If necessary, the format of a course can be changed to be in-person, online or multiform. Changing the course format does not affect the price of the course.
• We will inform students of the course being changed or cancelled by text message, e-mail or phone. 
• Our customer service is closed for weekends, which is why information about a course being changed or cancelled may be delayed.

5. Credit courses
• You can get credits from credit courses for your record. Transferring course information to the national Koski database requires consenting to the transfer when you enrol for a course.
• In order to earn credits, the course must be completed successfully. The learning objectives, evaluation criteria and scope of credit courses are provided in the course description and in more detail on eRequirements (can be accessed by the section Links in the course description).
• You can also participate in credit courses without accumulating credits.
• A credit course cannot be paid with employee benefits.

6. Course fees
• The course fee is determined based on the number of lessons and, in Open University, the number of credits. The duration of one lesson is 45 minutes.
• The invoiced course or cancellation fee is always at least 10 €.
• The fees for the weaving station and the workshop are determined according to the time and material used in the activities and according to the guidance service. Further information about the pricing concerning the weaving station is available at Espoon työväenopiston kudonta-asema and about the workshop at Työväenopiston Nikkariverstas.
• The course fees for basic education in the arts are determined in accordance with the pricing of basic education in the arts. The course fees for both general and extended syllabi are invoiced periodically.
• Depending on the course, we may also charge course material and testing fees.
• The course fee for family courses includes one adult and one child.
• When enrolling halfway through a course that lasts for a full school year or term, the student will receive a 50% discount on the course fee.
• If the course lasts for the entire term, the cancellation of one lesson does not entitle students to a discounted course fee or replacement lesson.
• You will be charged €13 for the Finnish language test included in the National Certificate of Language Proficiency (YKI test) only if you pass the test.

7. Terms of payment
• You will be invoiced for the course once the course has started.
• The term of payment for online payment links sent by email is 14 days from the invoicing date.
• The term of payment for paper invoices, e-invoices or invoices arriving by the OmaPosti service sent after the online payment link is 21 days from the invoicing date.
• If you have questions about invoicing, you can contact our customer service by sending an email to espoon.tyovaenopisto@omnia.fi or by calling tel. 020 692 333 on Mon–Thu at 13–15.
• Students under the age of 18 need an adult to pay for the course fee. We will need the payer’s full information, including personal ID code. Students who are minors can only be enrolled by the adult paying for the course and only by calling the customer service of the Adult Education Centre.
• If the payer is a company, we will need the relevant business ID, invoicing address and the information of the company’s contact person. This information must be provided when enrolling for the course. The invoicing address cannot be changed afterwards.
• Any unpaid invoices will be transferred to a debt collection agency. 

8. Paying for a course
• You pay for the course with your online banking credentials. You only need to use the online payment link sent to you by email. The payment link opens in the Ilmonet.fi online service and redirects you to the website of the Visma Pay payment forwarding service.
• If the student does not have an email account or if the student does not pay through the online payment link, the invoice will be sent to the student by post, as an e-invoice or to the postal service's OmaPosti service.

9. Paying with employee benefits
• Course invoices of the Espoo Adult Education Centre can be paid with employee benefits at City of Espoo service points.
• Acceptable means of payment include the following sport and culture vouchers or mobile payment: Smartum, Edenred and ePassi.
• The means of payment are personal and cannot be used for course material or test fees.
• When you pay at a service point, you must bring the printed invoice and your personal ID with you.
• Employee benefits cannot be used to pay an invoice received as an online payment link. If you want to pay with employee benefits, you must wait for the course invoice to arrive by post, as an e-invoice from the bank or in the OmaPosti service.
• When paying with employee benefits, you must pay the invoice no later than on the due date.
• You cannot pay an invoice with employee benefits if the course information says that using a sport/culture voucher is not possible or if the invoice has been forwarded to a collection agency.

10. Unemployment discount
• Unemployed people are entitled to a 50% discount on course fees over 20 €.
• However, the discount does not apply to Open University courses, degree fees, course material fees, OPH courses, level tests, language learning trips, course material and building fees of open learning environments or if the course information states that the discount does not apply.
• The only acceptable proof of unemployment is a certificate of unemployment printed out via the E-Services on the TE Office website.
• The granting of the discount depends on the employment situation code. To get a discount, you must be unemployed.
• Unemployment must be proved before the start of the course, once per term.
• Submit the certificate of unemployment to our customer service by email in PDF format or by post. You can also present the certificate at the InfoOmnia service point or at a City of Espoo service point.
• The unemployment certificate must be no more than 30 days old.

11. Training subsidy for OPH courses
• The training subsidy of the Finnish National Board of Education has been taken into account in the prices of OPH-marked courses.
• The training subsidy is intended for those with a low level of basic education, immigrants, the unemployed, people over the age of 63, pensioners and persons with learning difficulties. Pensioners are persons who receive national, employment or disability pension and are not gainfully employed.
• In order to qualify for the lower training subsidy price, students must belong to the target group of the course. Students not in the target group are charged the normal course fee.
• The course information will state both the affordable training subsidy price (OPH) and the normal course fee.
• Students are accepted in the order of enrolment, but reading and writing instruction for immigrants requires separate application.
• OPH courses are not subject to the unemployment discount.

12. Kaikukortti
• With Kaikukortti, you can attend one course per term free of charge at the Espoo Adult Education Centre (terms: 1 January–31 July and 1 August–31 December).
• Kaikukortti card holders enrol for courses in the Ilmonet.fi online service or by contacting our customer service by phone. Students must provide their Kaikukortti card number to our customer service by email or phone before the course begins. If we are not provided the Kaikukortti card number, we will charge the normal price for the course.
• Family courses can also be attended together with a child.
• If a student fails to attend a course for which they have enrolled, it is counted as the one free course.
• Courses and fees not eligible for the Kaikukortti card discount:
- Finnish language courses
- courses that are part of a degree: general language qualification, Open University education, basic education in arts, navigation courses, TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre degrees
- certified training: first aid courses, hygiene passport training and basics of music theory and composition
- fees related to open learning environments, i.e. the weaving station and the workshop
- some of the course material fees

13. Insurance policies
We have not insured the students of the Adult Education Centre or their property.

14. Operating times and holidays
There usually is no teaching during the autumn, Christmas and winter holiday periods, on Sundays or holidays or after 5 p.m. on the eves of holidays. More detailed schedules are available on the Omnia website.

15. Course feedback
After you complete a course, we will send you a course feedback survey by email. Click the feedback link to fill in the electronic feedback form. The feedback is given anonymously, and the link is single-use. Course feedback can also be given by logging in to the Ilmonet.fi online service.

16. Ideas for courses
Leave feedback or suggest a course on the omnia.fi website.

Updated on January 15th 2024