Terms of delivery


Terms of delivery

The Finnish Adult Education Centre of the City of Helsinki


Registration is binding. Register to the courses through the Ilmonet.fi service, by phone +358(0)9 310 88610 or in the centre’s offices. If you register by phone or in person in the offices, you can also register one other person, as long as you have their full personal data (personal identification number). If the course is already full, you can register to a queue. If a place in the course becomes available, we will send an SMS to those in line.

The course payment is halved (1/2) for those who, during registration,
• are unemployed
• are unemployed and receive training allowance
• receive job alternation compensation
• are conscripts or participate in non-military civilian service
• receive maternity or paternity allowance and parent’s allowance or compensation for home care of children.
The discount is also granted for people with a valid social assistance decision.

The discount is granted at the office. The right to a viable discount on the course fee has to be proven by a valid document at the office of the Adult Education Centre before the course starts and before the invoice is paid-in. The right to receive the discount must be proven every term.
Discounts are not granted retrospectively. The discount does not apply to copying charges, material and other such costs or self-paid courses (ERI). You can only use one of these reasons to receive a discount. No discounts are granted for specially-priced courses (exceptional course payments).

Take with you the latest payment statement from your unemployment fund or Kela, labour policy statement, decision on granting job alternation compensation, the latest decision on social assistance, certificate of conscript or non-military civilian service, decision by Kela on maternity, paternity or parental leave or on home care allowance.

The invoicing policy of the Finnish Adult Education Centre has changed.
A week before the course starts, the customer will receive a direct payment message to his or her email address, through which the invoice can be paid via online bank. The payment link is active for approximately two weeks, and it is also available in the profile of the person registered in Ilmonet.

If the customer does not have an email address, the invoice will be mailed to the customer’s home.

The course price is determined based on the number of classes. The length of one class is 45 min. If you register to the course after over half of its classes have been held, the payment is 50% of the normal cost.

You can cancel your course registration at the office, by phone +358(0)9 310 88610, by sending an email to the centre’s offices to address tyovaenopisto@opisto.hel.fi or via address www.ilmonet.fi.

You can cancel your registration through Ilmonet, when there are at least seven days left to the start of your course.
• You can cancel your registration without a payment, if there is at least 7 days before the course starts.
• If the cancellation is done less than 7 days before the course starts, the centre will charge a processing payment of 10 euros.
• If you do not cancel your course placement or the cancellation is done on the day the course starts or after it, the course payment will be charged in full.
If the course is cancelled or if the student cannot participate due to a change in the course made by the centre (such as changes in scheduled meeting times), the paid course payment will be returned.

If the course is discontinued, because the student numbers remain below the minimum requirement (7 people) three times during the semester, the remaining share of the course payment will not be returned. The students will be granted access to other, similar courses, if possible.