Terms of delivery



Registration is binding. You can register for courses via the Ilmonet.fi service, by telephone at 09 310 88610 or at the education centre’s service points. When registering by telephone or at a service point, you can also register one other person if you have that person’s complete contact information and personal identity number.

Upon registration, the student acknowledges that, if necessary, a course originally designed to be provided as contact teaching may be provided remotely instead.

The course fee is reduced by half (1/2) for those who upon registration:
• are unemployed job seekers
• are in military or civil service
• are receiving maternity, paternity and parental allowance or home care allowance
• are students with a valid student card or certificate of studies issued by the educational institution
• are receiving basic or guaranteed pension; or
• have a valid social assistance decision.

The minimum fee is always at least €14.

The right to a course fee reduction must be proven to customer service before the course fee is paid and the course begins. The right to a reduction must be proven every semester. Reductions are not granted retrospectively. The reduction does not pertain to printout, material and other similar payments.
A reduction can be applied for based on only one of the abovementioned reasons.

Bring your student card, a certificate of studies from your educational institution, a certificate of military or civil service or decisions granted by Kela with you.


You will be e-mailed a payment link for your course payment approximately one week before the course begins. The payment link will be active for approximately two weeks, and it will also be displayed in your personal information if you have an Ilmonet account. If you do not have an e-mail address, your invoice will be sent to your home by post.

The price of the course is determined based on the number of lessons. The duration of one lesson is 45 minutes. If you register for a course at the midway point or later, the fee will be reduced by 50%.

You can cancel your course registration at a service point, by telephone at 09 310 88610, by e-mail at tyovaenopisto@edu.hel.fi or at www.ilmonet.fi.
• You can cancel your registration free of charge if there are at least seven days until the start of the course.
• If you cancel your registration less than seven days before the start of the course, the education centre will charge half of the course fee, but no less than €14.
• If you do not cancel your registration or do so on the start date of the course or later, the course fee will be charged in full.
You can cancel your registration via Ilmonet if there are at least seven days until the start of the course.

Your course fee will be reimbursed if you are unable to attend the course due to a change in the time or place of the course made by the education centre.