What is an academic credit course?


A credit course is a course in which the student’s performance is assessed based on competence.

The course description sets out the objectives and criteria that will be used to assess the student’s competence. The scope of the course is given in credits. The student’s workload is 27 hours per 1 credit.

Competence assessment is always voluntary for the student. At the beginning of the course, you will decide whether or not you want your competence to be assessed and credits to be awarded for the course. You can also attend in a course without being assessed or receiving credits.

If you give your consent, your course performance will be transferred to the KOSKI database maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

You must give your consent before the course meets for the second time.

We currently offer courses with pass/fail assessment. If you receive a passing grade, it means you have achieved the learning objectives of the course. Only passing grades will be transferred to the My Studyinfo service after the course has ended.