Develop yourself and study languages

Develop yourself and study languages

Develop yourself and study languages

Develop yourself and study languages

Choose from a great selection of languages

Do you want to learn a new language or review your old skills? You can study over 25 different languages such as Swedish, Spanish, German, Italian, Greek, English, and Japanese.

You can utilize your language skills, for example, in travel, in the workplace, or in hobbies. In our courses, you will learn practical language skills in a versatile manner in a group. Oral proficiency develops by speaking with others, and there's no need to fear making mistakes.

There are courses available that progress both calmly and briskly from beginner to advanced levels. You can choose thematic short and intensive courses or courses that last the whole semester, meeting once a week, as well as online courses.

Study in English

You can also study on several courses in English, while simultaneously learning and strengthening your language skills. There are several courses available, such as first aid, entrepreneurship, photography, dance, accounting, exercise, languages, knitting, and cooking.

Learn Finnish in various ways

You can learn Finnish in various ways, such as Finnish as a second language courses, through singing, or in courses for parents at home. At the same time, you will become acquainted with Finnish culture and society.

The goal is to provide you with fluent and functional language skills that give you sufficient oral and written abilities to cope with everyday life. Language skills are the key to further studies or to the working world, as well as to living in Finnish society in general.

Warmly welcome aboard!

Published February 26, 2024