Highlighting knowhow – what is a study credit course?

Highlighting knowhow – what is a study credit course?

Highlighting knowhow – what is a study credit course?

Highlighting knowhow – what is a study credit course?

Learning takes place in all adult education center's courses. Traditionally, adult education center has only given course-participation certificates without no grading of what has been learned. Present society is, however, based on lifelong learning, and to make knowhow visible, it has been deemed to be necessary to also recognize educational qualifications acquired in adult education center’s courses.


Adult education center’s operations continue as before: everybody can enroll on the courses they desire and themselves decide on the goal-orientedness of their participation. Some of the courses will never turn into study-credit courses. The freedom of adult education center’s studies will remain in the future as well.

What does competence-based learning mean in adult education center's courses?

Traditionally, competence has not been assessed in our courses. Recognizing competence in study credit courses means that these courses have clearly stated goals, evaluation methods and criteria according to which the teacher evaluates the students who want to receive study credits from the course. Not all students of the course automatically receive study credits.

You do not have to aim for study credits

Anybody can enroll in a study credit course, but you don’t have to do any study credits. Students that aim for study credits and those who do not may participate in the same course. Common to all the participants is, however, that the course teaches all the issues specified in the learning goals. Also such skills that the course description states the students must master before attending the course apply to all the students. These skills will not be taught to any of the students during the course.

If you do not wish to collect study credits but are interested in more goal-oriented studying, you are welcome to participate in the course. At the beginning of the course, all participants can still decide whether they want to aim for study credits or not. You have to give an official consent aim for credits, but you can cancel your consent during the course if you change your mind.

You can find all study credit courses on Ilmonet by searching with the keyword study credit course or by selecting the category study credit course.

Welcome to gather study credits!

Published January 17, 2024